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Welcome to Baildon Businesses Social Group

The Group was formed in 2005 for the following reasons.

  • To create a social environment for Local business owners to get to know each other, without the rules and formality that a lot of networking groups require.  There is no pressure on anyone to buy and sell anything off each other.
  • There seemed to be a common feeling that if we all get to know and trust each other, good business between us will also follow, where it is of benefit.
  • Our common goal is to work together for the good of the local community.
  • To allow local businesses to share common information (if and when they are happy to).
  • To allow local businesses to have a common voice (when they feel that one is required).
  • To publicly thank all year round every business that helps the groups charity work.


Our main fund raising focus is our very successful trade mark event –
The Grand Charity Ball, which is held once every two years.

Here are the goals of the event.

  • To raise Money for both a Major recognised charity and charities local to Baildon.

Also to provide all of the following ….

  • An event that all the members can be proud of.
  • A Great evenings entertainment.
  • Great value for money to everyone who attends the ball.(eg. By providing more than other ball events and charge less per ticket).
  • A choice of menu (instead of just one set menu).
  • Affordable access to locals who don’t get an opportunity to attend such a nice event.
  • An event that actually rewards the businesses that donate prizes (members and non members alike).
For more information email - matthew@wildman.co.uk